Jade Energy Stone Necklace


Stone Vibrations Jade Energy Stone Necklace

A natural Jade ring is tied into round deer skin lace with silver finishes.
Half round Copper wire wrapped in groupings of 3 - 3 coils in 3 groups around the circle.
The idea is that the copper coils will better integrate the stones vibrations with the bodies, enhancing it's effects.

As a prized stone in the ancient Chinese empire, jade was associated with health, long life, and wealth, meanings which are still associated with the stone today.Jade is considered a lucky stone. If you are embarking on a new business venture, relationship, or personal journey, wearing jade can confer luck on your venture.Jade is also considered to be a balancing stone, which can moderate intense emotions and also provide perspective. Leaders who wear jade may find it easier to make just decisions and to extend mercy to others.It can calm negative emotions and provide emotional stability to the wearer. Jade is considered to be a grounding to be a grounding stone which can keep you in touch with the energies of the earth and your own physical body..

2 leather colors available
Chocolate, Black

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