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Amber Bracelets & Anklets
Unique designs for everyday wear

Amber, which is fossilized pine tree resin, is ancient and valuable, like an antique from Jurassic history 200 million years old. Amber has been valued since the beginning of recorded history and was revered as a powerful talisman that was made by the sun . Amber comes in a very light honey color , a medium amber color and a very dark cherry color . Amber can also be found in shades of milky hues and a striking green . All of our Amber bracelets and anklets are set in Sterling Silver and come with a certificate of authenticity from the International Amber Association . We do purchase most of our Amber pieces all ready made so we are limited to the amount of customization we can do but we can hang any of our pendants from a Silver Omega, French Rope Chain or Leather lace cord, just state your wishes at check out.
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Bracelet Honey Amber Bracelet Honey Amber Amber and Leather Bracelet
Amber Cord Bracelet
Our Price: $18.00
Double Leaf Amber Bracelet Amber and Sterling Silver Leaves Cuff Bracelet Amber Tear Drop Bracelet
Amber Tear Drop Bracelet
Our Price: $98.00