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Vestal watches salute craftsmanship and those artisans who embrace unique handmade products. These items aren’t mass produced. They are limited edition, signed and numbered watch straps attached to Vestals finest watch heads and buckles. These straps are cut, sewn and finished by a leather smith using time honored methods, right here in Costa Mesa, California. Each item is hand assembled using the highest quality full grain leathers, traditional knives, awls and waxed heavy thread creating a more durable and longer lasting product.

Lifetime ownership of your watch is Vestals promise to you.

If you believe that one of our watches is functioning improperly, simply email warranty@vestalwatch.com. If they find that the product didn’t live up to Vestals standards, Vestal will repair it or exchange it free of charge. Please understand that they may charge a reasonable fee if the damage to your watch was caused by unreasonable usage, this includes damage to normal wear and tear. It is important that you read the user manual for each product before use.

For watches intended for heavy use in the ocean, please note there is a limited 2-year warranty due to the harsh effects of the sun and/or salt water exposure. Please read your user manual carefully before use and do not shower or enter hot waters with your watch as it will void the warranty.

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