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Topaz Earrings
Unique earring designs in blue and white Topaz
Topaz is usually found in clear white or yellow gold colors when in it's natural Chrystal form. The White Topaz when faceted and used in jewelry is often mistaken for diamond because of its incredible watery clarity and unique ability to refract light. White topaz is heated to make the sky blue topaz and irradiated to knock the matrix askew creating the deeper Swiss blue and the rich deep arctic or super blue Topaz.
Sadness and anger are said to be dispelled by all Topaz types and it is purported to make a person more intelligent acting as a metaphysical conduit of knowledge.
Using Swiss Blue Topaz , Sky Blue Topaz and a hard to find Arctic Blue Topaz I create some unique jewelry designs in Sterling Silver and beautiful stud earrings in all colors, the white topaz stud earrings are indiscernible from diamond.